How  I  arrived  at  RWM
"I joined RWM as employee 11 along with Anna, Brian, and Jonathan, becoming RWM’s “Chicago office”. Before jumping on board, we were running our own small RIA and decided it was time to partner with a larger organization. We had been big fans of the RWM team for a while, but it was a perfect fit after meeting with the partners."
Favorite  part  of  the  job
"The people. We have something extraordinary here at RWM. Being part of this group - co-workers and clients alike - makes this a delightful place."
When  I’m  Not  Working
"Fortunately for me, most of my close family lives within a couple of miles of one another, and we spend much of our time together cooking and eating. My immediate family includes Stuart, my husband, Liam, our young son - and we’re expecting a new baby in the spring of ‘24!"
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