How  I  arrived  at  RWM
“My husband, Tony, and I started our own fee-only fiduciary registered investment advisory firm in 2002, when there was little talk of this business model. As Barry Ritholtz and Josh Brown started shedding more light on this space, it became a comfort to us that we were not alone in this fight for transparency and decency in the financial services community. We joined forces in late 2015. ”
Favorite  part  of  the  job
“My background in this industry is in communications. I have always deemed myself an ‘outsider’ to this industry and had to learn its language, so I can relate to clients who feel they should have a better understanding, but are too embarrassed to admit their confusion. I enjoy boiling things down, and explaining concepts that may have eluded clients in the past. I want them to feel at ease to ask any questions they may have. Turning someone’s anxiety into knowledge and giving them back control of their finances is very rewarding. I especially enjoy freeing teachers from horrible 403(b) plans and educating them – and their students – so they can be in a position of strength.”
When  I’m  Not  Working
“For personal enjoyment, nothing beats spending time with my husband and sons. Lucky for them, I like to cook! I love getting lost in a good book, writing fiction, listening to music and attempting to learn guitar.”
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