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Jordan D. Hanson, CFP®

University of Nevada College of Business: MBA, University of Nevada: Bachelor of Science in Economics
How  I  arrived  at  RWM
I have been in the wealth management industry since graduating from college in 2015. Early on, I came across the blogs and podcasts produced by RWM, including by Barry, Josh, Michael, Ben, and Nick. The messaging throughout their content quickly resonated with me, and I instantly became a fan. I found myself frequently referencing and sharing these blog posts and podcasts in conversations with my clients. In 2023, I had the chance to meet them in person. I quickly realized that their commitment and dedication to being best in class, serving their clients, and promoting a collaborative environment matched my values. I knew RWM would be the best place for me and my clients.
Favorite  part  of  the  job
My favorite part of the job is my ability to make a positive impact on the lives of my clients and their families. I love working with my clients to give them comfort, confidence, and clarity around their finances and to help them turn their dreams into reality.
When  I’m  Not  Working
I love spending time with my wife and our two dogs, going to the gym, anything with sports, and learning how to cook.
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