How  I  arrived  at  RWM
I've been a consumer of the Ritholtz team's content since my college days as an avid listener and reader of their podcasts, blogs, and books. Their wealth of knowledge not only laid the groundwork for my understanding of investments but also fueled my ambition to pursue a career in finance. Following two years in investment strategy, I honed my chart-making skills and sent a cold email to Michael Batnick along with a prepared PDF of visuals to showcase my skillset. He graciously invited me to the office for a meeting and the rest, as they say, is history!
Favorite  part  of  the  job
It's truly incredible to work alongside individuals I've admired since my college days. Josh Brown, Michael Batnick, Ben Carlson, Nick Maggiulli – these are the same experts I've spent countless hours listening to and reading. Now, I have the privilege of learning from them firsthand as a member of their team. Moreover, I find a lot of satisfaction in providing clients and audience members with captivating charts and visuals.
When  I’m  Not  Working
During my downtime in Long Island City, where I reside, you'll often find me watching sports, grilling with friends, staying active, and listening to podcasts. Cooking, particularly Italian food, is another passion of mine.
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